Parametric Swimming Pool
Parametric Swimming Pool
Parametric Swimming Pool Revit Family
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2009 and later
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3D Generic - Metric
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Parametric Swimming Pool
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344 kB
$ 49.99

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Choose the right Pool Border Style for you ...
Parametric Swimming Pool Revit Family - Borderstyle There are basically two different Borderstyles common with outdoor and indoor Pools. With this Family you have the choice between a Standard Border and a Channel Border with a Top-Grill. Both Border Styles are adjustable in their dimensions.
Get a detailed Swimming Pool at any time ...
Parametric Swimming Pool Revit Family - Detail Section If you have to show your Pool in a Section, it will give you all details you need to create a detailed construction documentation. Adjust the Pool Depth on each side, the Wall thickness, the Border Style and even the Position of the Water Level.
Shape the Swimming Pool for your Project ...
Parametric Swimming Pool Revit Family - Adjustable Shape We know how individual various Projects are and therefore we developed this parametric Swimming Pool Revit Family with a very flexible Framework that gives you the freedom to adjust the Shape of the Pool fitting to your Project.